Current Projects

Here are some of the projects that keep us busy when we're not off on another adventure.

[Like camping on an ocean island!]

Check out Maine Island Trail Association for more info.


About:  Online resource for outdoor activities in Maine.  Includes trail maps, directions, photos, videos and reviews of Maine's adventure destinations.

Scope:  Create relevant content, research, and strong social media promotion to continually grow site traffic and awareness.

Visit the UNTAMED Mainer site

New England Institute for Teacher Education

About:  Providing quality professional development for educators.

Scope:  Create a marketing plan, design graphics, establish uniformity among social media sites, social media promotion, increase enrollment.

Visit the New England Institute for Teacher Education site

Maine Outdoor Adventure & Recreation Magazine

About:  An online magazine dedicated to Maine's outdoor adventure and recreation enthusiasts.

Scope:  Design an online magazine compatible with Issuu platform including live links, content curation and social media promotion.

Visit the Maine Outdoor Adventure & Recreation Magazine site

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