How TripAdvisor can help your outdoor business (for free!)

Go mobile (in more ways than one) with TripAdvisor

tripadvisorTripAdvisor is a highly social, popular travel website.  The site offers travelers access to information about world wide destinations, including area information and photos curated by users of the site, as well as top things to do in regions which are ranked and reviewed by users.  According to comScore Media Metrix, as of July 2015 TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site.  With millions of users, the site reaches 350 million unique visitors each month, with over 290 million reviews.

The website makes money from vacation rentals, hotel, and flight bookings.  TripAdvisor manages and operates 23 additional travel media brands including,,, and  This deep connection to the travel industry allows TripAdvisor to create a seamless booking experience for travelers.

Screenshot_2016-02-01-21-14-03_resizedThe outdoor activity industry can benefit greatly by encouraging visitors to review their services on TripAdvisor, and if the business is not listed, users can request TripAdvisor consider the location or activity be listed.  The mobile application not only drives accommodation sales, but offers travelers a wealth of information about a region they are visiting.  It allows consumers to download cities and save places they want to visit, stay or eat in each location.  When you bring up a listing, you have the ability to check in and let TripAdvisor know that you are there now, review the listing, and can contact the business by calling, visiting the website or emailing directly from the application.  Users can upload photos they took from the site so others can see what to expect from a visit, what other people recommend, and what to avoid.

Many outdoor activity based businesses find it challenging to get the exposure
they need through standard advertising methods.  TripAdvisor offers free listings for hotels, restaurants, attractions and vacation rentals.  The site states that over 60 million consumers use TripAdvisor to complete their travel plans each month.  TripAdvisor also shows these same free listings on some of their other 23 travel sites, so a free listing on TripAdvisor is actually a free listing on multiple travel sites.  Many travelers leave certain days open during their trip where they have no plans and go explore a nearby area.  This is where the TripAdvisor application comes into play.  An aimless drive along a beautiful road could bring travelers to a more remote part of a state.  A quick search on the TripAdvisor application could show that nearby there are fantastic hiking trails,
and also a lobster boat tour.  Users of the mobile application could quickly and easily read the reviews from other visitors and see photos uploaded by other travelers of the activity or attraction, making it easy to make a decision about what activity they would like to do.

TripAdvisor measures their success by sending surveys out to users.  In a 2013 survey the company found that 49 percent reported that travel review websites were the most useful source of information when planning a trip.  Seventy six percent of users reported they share their travel experiences on social networks.  The most popular destination in the same survey was the ocean, and 82 percent of respondents said that walking was their top physical activity while on vacation.

If your outdoor activity or destination Screenshot_2016-02-01-21-12-19_resizedis not already included in the TripAdvisor listings for your region, you should definitely fill out their free listing request form.  The TripAdvisor mobile application has been downloaded over 230 million times, with almost 505 of users visiting TripAdvisor from a tablet or a mobile phone.  The mobile application also features a Near Me Now feature which shows them destinations and attractions that are close to their GPS location, an Offline Feature which allows users to download reviews, photos and maps before visiting a destination where they may not have cellular service, and Neighborhoods which makes it possible for users to explore what’s around the next corner in popular tourist cities around the world to make the decision between “should we go left or should we go right?”

TripAdvisor has positioned itself to become the travel giant of the mobile world.  With user curated content, free business listings and destination information at your fingertips, it is easily the place you want to have your outdoor activity based business listed.  TripAdvisor works hard to make connections between travelers and destination businesses because they know that these businesses are the ones that help TripAdvisor make money through airfare and hotel sales.  A listing on TripAdvisor is a win-win for everyone. ↟

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