Maine’s 2017 Tourism Outlook

Despite a snow storm I was once again able to attend the annual Governor’s Conference on Tourism.  I met many fantastic people and learned a lot of useful information to share with you about tourism in Maine.  The Maine Office of Tourism (MOT) seeks to make Maine the best four-season destination in New England.  The annual Governor’s Conference on Tourism is a gathering dedicated to informing Maine’s tourism-based businesses and the outdoor industry on marketing trends for the coming year.

Target Audience

MOT’s goal is to make Maine a lifestyle brand based on originality.  This means living life your way, and inviting discovery.  They have identified three dominant personality types that vacation in Maine:  Balanced Achievers, Genuine Originals, and Social Sophisticates.  Target your marketing on one or all three types, depending on your business type, and increase your sales.

Balanced Achievers

Balanced Achievers are the first person to try new things among their social groups.  Vacation plans include a “must see and do” list.  On vacation, they enjoy urban experiences and nightlife.  Balanced Achievers seek unique places off the beaten path, nature, and cultural activities.  They tend to spend a lot while on vacation, but avoid excess.  The Balanced Achiever is most likely to shop for local handmade or one-of-a-kind items.

  • Married = 71%
  • Have Children = 50%
  • Average Age = 42
  • Average HHI = $117,495

Genuine Originals

Genuine Originals enjoy new experiences and taking risks.  They are also creative and independent.  Genuine Originals have open minds and enjoy nature.  When on vacation, they prefer to do their own thing and seek outdoor recreation opportunities.  They are interested in new vacation destinations including art, history, and cultural activities.  Genuine Originals are drawn to destinations that have local flavor, unique people, cultures and experiences.

  • Married = 69%
  • Have Children = 38%
  • Average Age = 46
  • Average HHI = $130,627

Social Sophisticates

Social Sophisticates seek luxury and status.  Focused on family and community, goal-oriented, and self-reliant describe Social Sophisticates.  When on vacation, Social Sophisticates seek luxury destinations, keeping up appearances, and exceptional service.  They believe their vacation destination reflects who they are, so they seek out trendy places that a romantic, popular, but with a “faraway” feel.  Social Sophisticates are not interested in cultural activities, exploring or adventure.  They will spend a lot of money to get the luxury vacation they seek.

  • Married = 70%
  • Have Children = 44%
  • Average Age = 43
  • Average HHI = $132,724

Maine Tourism Highlights

Below are the Maine Tourism Highlights created from data collected throughout 2016.  Print off the images for reference when creating your marketing strategy.

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