Social Media Posting Tips & Strategies for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn


  1. If you’re sharing a blog article your wrote, the most effective way to get link clicks is to share the most interesting part of your post, as a short excerpt or single sentence, and then link to the rest back on your website. [traffic builder!]
  2. Don’t post without including a photo or video link- people tend to overlook posts that don’t have a visual element.
  3. Take tips from your articles and share them on social sites.  Start the post with the word “TIP:” first to catch reader’s attention.


  1. Actions words are king.  Tweets are most effective when using lots of verbs and very few nouns.
  2. Ask for an action- download, follow, watch, click or answer a question.
  3. Get influential people and businesses in your industry to notice you by mentioning them in a tweet [@AngelaQSnowman I loved your post on the top 20 most retweeted words and phrases!]


  1. Make words in your posts bold by putting an asterisk (*) at the start and end of what you want bold.  For instance *this will all be bold,* but this won’t.
  2. On the same note, underline words or phrases by putting (_) before and after what you want underlined.  For example, _this will be underlined_ but this won’t.
  3. Google+ is a fan of #hashtags too.  Using a #hashtag in front of words in your post will highlight them #blue and create a link to the keyword. [Not to mention it really stands out in a post!]
  4. Really want to shake things up?  Try combining the above listed elements.  You can *#share* with your *_audience_* all the neat *_#tips and #tools_* you’ve learned today, and look good doing so.
  5. Similar to Facebook posts, when sharing your blog article write the most interesting part of your post as a short excerpt or single sentence, then link to the complete article on your website.
  6. Once again, similar to Facebook, don’t post without some kind of visual, or your post will likely be overlooked.
  7. Make sure your posts are being shared to the “Public” and not just your circles for maximum exposure.
  8. Similar to Twitter, to get influential people to notice you, mention them in your posts [+Katahdin Media Works or @Katahdin Media Works I love your post!]


  1. Industry news and trends attract a lot of attention on this platform.  The more relevant and recent the information, the more people you will attract to your company page.
  2. As with other platforms, use a call to action that links to an ebook, blog post, video or infographic to establish credibility and generate new lead traffic.
  3. After you paste a link, you can edit the text so it’s easier to read while still maintaining the link.
  4. Pasted links generate thumbnail images.  To get a larger image use a screen shot or upload the original full size image.
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