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Rural Maine’s Next Economy

Rural Maine’s Next Economy

Innovation and Inspiration: I recently attended a summit in Bangor hosted by Envision Maine, an organization that promotes Maine’s next economy.  The organization provides support to entrepreneurs, innovators, and others motivated to improve Maine’s economy.  The summit honored 8 “rural spark plugs,” featured 55 speakers and ten workshops designed to inspire conversations about ways to strengthen theContinue Reading Rural Maine’s Next Economy

How TripAdvisor can help your outdoor business (for free!)

How TripAdvisor can help your outdoor business (for free!)

Go mobile (in more ways than one) with TripAdvisor

tripadvisorTripAdvisor is a highly social, popular travel website.  The site offers travelers access to information about world wide destinations, including area information and photos curated by users of the site, as well as top things to do in regions which are ranked and reviewed by users.  According to comScore Media Metrix, as of July 2015 TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site.  With millions of users, the site reaches 350 million unique visitors each month, with over 290 million reviews. Read more about How TripAdvisor can help your outdoor business (for free!)

Social media tools: managing and tracking

Social media tools:  managing and tracking

What social media tools should you use? Great question.  There are thousands of tools available today to help you manage, track and enhance your social media presence, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to decide which ones will help you the most.  Here are two of my favorite social media account management tools to get yourContinue Reading Social media tools: managing and tracking

Social media platforms: a comparison

Social media platforms:  a comparison


Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest.  What do they all have in common?  They are social media platforms your business can leverage in different ways to reach your customers, generate leads and increase sales.  Here we explore the statistics and demographics behind each social media site and the tools you should have to successfully market your business for each platform.  With this information you can decide what social media your business should have a presence on to connect to and stay engaged with your target market.


Best used for:  photos, videos, articles, text
SEO impact:  medium
Traffic:  high
Brand exposure:  high
User engagement:  high
Potential reach:  1.28 billion (72% of  adult internet users)
The following percentages are based on how many individuals are in each category out of all people who use the internet:
Age distribution:  [18-29] 82%,  [30-49] 79%,  [50-64] 64%,  [65+] 48%
Gender:  77% women, 66% men
Education:  high school or less 71%, some college 72%, college+ 72%
Income distribution:  less than $30k/yr 73%,  $30-49k 72%,  $50-74k 66%, $75k+ 78%
Platform marketing skills:  copywriting, graphic design, photography


Best used for:  photos, articles, text
SEO impact:  medium
Traffic:  high Read more about Social media platforms: a comparison

Free Twitter marketing ebook

Free Twitter marketing ebook

Learn how to Attract Customers with Twitter is a free ebook designed for intermediate users who already have a working background on marketing but need instruction about marketing strategies on Twitter.  The book was created for Hubspot and includes sections on branding your Twitter profile, optimizing your account for search, Twitter business etiquette, lead generation strategies,Continue Reading Free Twitter marketing ebook