Top 20 most Retweeted Words and Phrases

Why does this matter?

The Social Media Marketing Book author Dan Zarrella analyzed 200,000 tweets containing links and came up with a list of 20 of the most retweeted words and phrases.  This is important because it means people are not only writing, but also searching for these words and phrases.  By using them in your tweets, you’re increasing your chances of people finding your tweets through Twitter searches.  They are also familiar to your audience, who uses them frequently, making it more likely that they will read your tweet, plus like and share it.

Top 20 most Retweeted Words and Phrases:

  1. you
  2. retweet
  3. social
  4. help
  5. social media
  6. how to
  7. check out
  8. twitter
  9. post
  10. free
  11. please retweet
  12. 10
  13. top
  14. new blog post
  15. please
  16. blog
  17. media
  18. great
  19. follow
  20. blog post
Angela Quintal-Snowman

Angela Quintal-Snowman

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Angela Quintal-Snowman

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